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Welcome to the Airways Podcast, the digital audio extension of one of the world's leading aviation publications, Airways ( Hosted by Vinay Bhaskara (@TheABVInay), Rohan Anand (@rohanaanand), the podcast is a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends.
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Mar 22, 2017

As a companion to Vinay's two-part series featured on, "The Rise, Fall and Eventual Resurgence of the Middle East's Airline Giants," Rohan and Vinay discuss all things Gulf-Aviation in a unique special on the MEB3 and Turkish Airlines. They kick things off by talking about the "rise" of Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish thanks to political will and pro-aviation government establishments relative to their peer countries (5:00). But in today's world, low oil prices, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Brexit, political strife and changing nationalist attitudes around the globe are cutting holes in the business model of these four carriers, which is dissected in the "fall" section of the episode (22:50). But the future is anything but bleak: new aircraft is on the way, with suppliers like Boeing and Airbus eager to work with the MEB3 and adjustments to be made on the commercial roadmap, there will eventually be a resurgence (41:00) of the MEB3 as well.

Mar 10, 2017
Vinay and Rohan head west to discuss airport changes in Europe, Latin America and North America. In Europe, they start off in Stockholm (1:31) and make their way through the Continent, while also covering Russia and Turkey (you can look forward to hearing Vinay school Rohan on Russian airport pronunciations). Next, they make the long jump across the Atlantic to cover Latin America (38:25) beginning with Rohan's favorite country, Chile. Then they'll travel up north, inching closer to the U.S. border before chiming in on Mexico, particularly in context of the Trump administration and the implications on passenger numbers and the Mexican aviation industry. After making their way around the world, they finally land back in the good 'ol US of A (55:00) and cover airports from Sea to Shining Sea. Oh, and they do conclude on a Canadian note, eh (1:21:00).
Mar 1, 2017

Vinay and Rohan invite you to join them a special two-part series featuring airport traffic changes from around the world. This week, we hit up Oceania, Asian, African and Middle Eastern airports that experienced the most salient passenger traffic adjustments. We'll not only provide objective data on the numerical changes, but also our insight and analyses explaining the trends. We start off in Oceania (4:05) wrapping up in Auckland and landing in Mumbai (11:02) and covering the Subcontinent. Next, we'll cover the largest connecting market from South Asia, aka the Middle East (23:36) with a unique take on Iran's traffic developments with a split-airport strategy. Heading South, we briefly cover Africa (38:00) then loop East to Southeast Asia (41:00) and North Asia (1:02:04). We conclude by covering the mysterious, yet fascinating People's Republic of China (1:09:15). We'll bring you part II next week!


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